Food for My Brain – Day 182

I consider reading like food for your brain. Much like nutrition, junk goes in, junk comes out; Good stuff goes in, good stuff comes out.  Of course, I mean this figuratively, but it is accurate.  The more I read things that challenge my thinking, surprises me, or pushes my vocabulary, the sharper my thinking remains.  That’s not to say there isn’t a place for junk, because there is.  I love reading about pop culture, junk magazines, and, well, blogs like mine.  That’s just pure frivolous joy.  However, today I read a book that is certain to keep me on the edge of my seat….and thinking.

I began Inferno by Dan Brown.  I’ve read most of Dan Brown’s books — all of them featuring the character Robert Langdon.  They are so suspenseful and feature such exotic locales full of history, architecture, and art.  I live a bit vicariously through the character’s travels.  I know his novels have faced much controversy with their religious undertones, hypocrisy, and questions but I try not to read into them too much.  It’s fiction.  It’s a great plot.   It’s an escape.  People are always so eager to accuse, defend, or stand against something.  I’ve been guilty of that, too.  But Brown’s books are not where I’m going to focus that energy.

Anyway, I digress.  This book occurs in Italy with Langdon having sustained an injury at the hands of someone else, but thanks to some really inconvenient amnesia, he doesn’t know who or why.  As is typically the case with Brown’s books, the action starts early in the book and it’s a roller coaster ride from there.

However, now that I’ve read many of his books, I find myself tiring or anticipating secret passageways or unlikely escapes and narrow misses.  What I loved about The DaVinci Code is the intellectual piece of it.  The focus on the paintings was so interesting.  With The Lost Symbol all the running from building to building and the mentioning of the sites I’ve visited was really a large part of what kept me involved in the plot.  However, now I’m becoming accustomed to Brown’s writing and expect certain plot twists and turns so I’m not as riveted with this story….although that isn’t to say I’m not enjoying.


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