A New Frozen Treat – Day 183

I’ve seen often on Pinterest, Facebook, and in cyberspace recipes for a more nutritious alternative to ice cream. Tonight, I decided to give it a try.

ice cream

I cut up one and a half bananas into coin-sized pieces.  I placed these in a bowl and stuck them in the freezer.  Once they were frozen, I threw them along with three generous tbsps of peanut butter (oh, how I love peanut butter) and two tbsps of honey into my blender.  I also squeezed just a bit of chocolate syrup in there. I’ve heard it works just as well — maybe better — in a food processor.  After making sure all the ingredients were mixed and everything was a smooth texture, I put it back in the bowl and stuck it back in the freezer to harden a bit.

I intentionally choose less ripe bananas because I do not care for banana flavor in anything other than, well, bananas.  The more ripe the bananas, the stronger the banana flavor.  You could do this recipe with just frozen bananas, but since I don’t like banana flavor, I added the other ingredients.

The dessert had some banana flavor, but the peanut butter played center stage.  The consistency was close to soft serve ice cream, but not quite.   I think that was mainly because of the amount of peanut butter and honey I used.  It left the dessert a bit gooey or sticky.  However, it satisfied my massive sweet tooth in a way that I didn’t have to feel guilty.  I will definitely be making this again.


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