Up On the Rooftop – Day 179

The conference hotel had a gorgeous rooftop patio and pool. Saturday night had a social/family night scheduled. The pool was opened at the beginning and then they played a movie.

There was an inflatable screen set up on the patio for the movie.  A popcorn machine, drinks, and ice cream were available for all of us.  The kids fluctuated between sitting in the chairs in the front and jumping up giggling as Horton Hears a Who played.

This was my first time watching this movie and it was the first time I’ve seen a movie on a rooftop terrace.  The weather was perfect.  There was a slight breeze and it was a comfortable temperature.  As you looked to the left and just past the screen, you could see the lights of the Baltimore skyline and the lights of boats sailing on the Inner Harbor.  Fabulous.

On to the movie…. as I sat watching the scenes, I recognized so many voices.  I heard Jim Carrey, Steve Carrell, and Carol Burnett.  There were a number of jokes which seemed to be targeted more for adults.  There were definite lessons hidden in the plot….well, not really hidden.  It seemed outrightl.  Of course, that isn’t unusual for Dr. Suess….like The Lorax.

Watching a Dr. Suess movie is not the movie I would choose for a date night on a Saturday night, but it was a great choice for a family outing and social.  And it was made exceptional by watching it outside on the rooftop.


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