Catch Up Time – Day 178

Okay, now that we are back from our trip to Baltimore, time to catch up on the blogs.

Day 178 was spent as a travel day.   It was long, frustrating, and tiring after our original flight was cancelled.  This original flight was scheduled to take off around 11:30 am, but we eventually got a flight at 5:30.  After landing, we took a shuttle van to our hotel.  On the shuttle were two individuals from South Africa.  I have never met anyone from South Africa so this was a first.

My son, E, can strike up a conversation with anyone.  Anyone.  So on the van ride, he chatted with the two about their world travels.  The female was actually traveling from London where she currently lives while the gentleman had traveled to London before but was living in South Africa.  We discussed money exchanges, and food around the world, and the top things to see in London.

To be just a short shuttle 15 minute shuttle ride from airport to hotel, there were many topics covered.  E’s favorite topic of conversation was double decker buses.  The two showed us money from foreign countries including a pound, a pence, and a ruble.  While we never quite learned why the gentleman was in town, the lady is married to a man in Baltimore so she travels back and forth between London and the US regularly.

There is no better way to learn about the world and appreciate people than to talk with people who look, talk, and act differently than you do.  E could read about the world from books, but real learning occurs from talking with people who have been there.


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