A Bird’s Eye View – Day 181

So Monday was our last day in Baltimore. Rick had imaging and an appointment scheduled in the afternoon and then we were heading for the airport. That left the morning.  Time to get in a first.

In all the times we’ve gone to Baltimore, E has wanted to go up to the top of the city’s World Trade Center bldg right on the edge of the Inner Harbor.  They call it the “Top of the World” observation level.  It provides breathtaking 360 degree panoramic views of the city and is located at the 27th floor of the world’s tallest pentagonal building.

E looking out over the Baltimore skyline and down Pratt Street
E looking out over the Baltimore skyline and down Pratt Street



While Rick slept in a bit, E and I scooted out and walked to the WTC.  I bought the tickets (which were reasonable — $5 for adults, $3 for kids) and up the elevator we went.  The elevator went so quickly and so high, both E and I had our ears pop!  The doors opened and out we walked to a 9-11 Memorial display.  The names and pictures of all Maryland citizens killed that day were displayed along with pieces from the Pentagon and the Twin Towers.  As we moved around the floor, we saw displays on athletes and celebrities from MD, the history of the Star-Spangled Banner being written at Fort McHenry (which you could see from the observation floor), art, and films in MD.  A small corner of the floor was a gift shop with some eclectic offerings.

But the real treat was the view.  We could see for miles in every direction.  It was beautiful and breathtaking.  Just gorgeous.  A nice first to end our trip on.


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