Enjoying a Little Football – Day 177

The World Cup is in full force. At times it feels as though I am one of the few in the entire world that is apathetic about it. There are only a handful of sports that I really enjoy watching and soccer isn’t one of them.

My family likes to tease me that I’m devoid of patriotism since I don’t watch USA’s team play or even remotely follow their progress in the series.  But today I tried to make a change.  I sat down and watched most of the game.

Nope, not the whole game.  Couldn’t handle that, but I did watch the majority of it so that totally counts as something new.

I must say, there were some aspects I observed which helped me to understand the game a bit better.  Contrary to what I thought previously, it wasn’t just a bunch of guys chasing around a ball trying to kick it.  There were real plays….strategy, in fact.  Because the camera follows the game from a wide view a considerable amount of the time, you can watch formations on the field.  It was obvious that sometimes the ball must be kicked in an one direction in order to eventually move it towards the goal in the opposite direction.

Soccer is strangely like a real-life foosball game.  It was interesting to see players aligned in a straight line across the field.  From time to time one would move forward or back, but they often moved back to that straight line configuration.  It really made me want to see one of the players spin infinitely much like the way I would spin one of the handles when I would play foosball at the local skating rink when I was in middle school.

Analysts who report on the World Cup need more to do.  Today I saw a table which showed at least 999,999 possible scenarios if the USA lost to Germany in today’s game.  If one has the kind of time to do the math for that equation, one needs more to do.  In fact, figuring out such variables and outcomes is considered a superpower and should lead one to wear a cape and a mask and stop bank robberies or something.

I’m still not a hardcore fan of soccer, but I do believe I have more respect for the sport after watching today’s game.


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