Going Natural – Day 174

My sister-in-law is an amazing cook. When my niece was young, my sister-in-law made all her baby food. She had one of those Ninja food processors that she would use for this.

Yesterday she made homemade peanut butter. Let me tell you, I love me some peanut butter. I have a total weakness it. I love it on toast, with banana, as a dip for apples, on crackers, and especially with chocolate.

I’ve tried a few different types of peanut butter including natural organic pb. I’ve never noticed much difference in taste between brands although I am aware of some texture differences.  However, I’ve never tried homemade peanut butter before today.

I’m spending several days babysitting my niece.  Today I had to take a taste of the nutty spread before I went home for the day.  My sister-in-law said she used peanuts, oil, and honey to create it.  From the first look, I noticed a difference.  The homemade pb was lighter in color than the stuff I see on supermarket shelves.  Additionally, it looked less oily.  There was definite texture — almost grainy-like — as opposed to the commercial brands.

As for the flavor, it was less sweet than commercial brands.  I tasted more of a balance between salty and sweet.  It was yummy.


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