Starting ‘Em Early – Day 169

D received a tee-ball set as a gift some time ago. In fact, it was in the winter. We had an extended winter with frigid temperatures and inclement weather all the way into March. Therefore, the tee ball set has not been used. That is, until tonight.

D saw it in the corner of the room and slid it over to his daddy.  It was clear he wanted to play ball.  I know this made my husband’s heart melt.  Baseball has always been his first love.  To this day, he glows when he tells stories of his younger days on the ball field.

Rick removed all the contents from the box and began the quick task of putting things together.  D put on his socks and shoes and stood at the door anxiously waiting for Rick with the tee, ball, and bat.  They sat it up on the porch and I watched through the french doors.


Rick stood behind D, taking his hands and guiding him through the proper stance.  He showed him how to hit the ball level.  He kept telling him to watch the ball.  D would hit it into the yard and squeal with delight.  He would run to pick up the ball and bring it back to his dad like a puppy plays fetch with a stick.  D would listen intently accepting his daddy’s instruction, hit the ball (and sometimes the tee, too), go get the ball, give it to his dad, and start the process over again.

He may only be two, but I thought I saw some real potential there.  Of course, I am quite biased.  Tonight’s first:  watching the youngest son hit a baseball.


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