Let’s Get Physical – Day 167


A few weeks back I began working out with a coworker. My coworker loves, loves, loves working out. He’s completely into it …. protein shakes and all. Nearly every summer I begin going to the YMCA pretty faithfully since school is out. Usually I take a class or two or attempt the treadmill or stationery bikes.  However, the machines and weights have always left me intimidated.  However, I knew with me being petite, female, and nearing 40, weight bearing exercise is something I’ve needed to do for some time.  That’s why I’ve decided to go with my coworker as he is quite knowledgeable.

Today we focused on triceps.  That was new.  We’ve worked on biceps, shoulders, chest, abs, legs, and back.  However, we’ve not gotten to triceps until today.  Oh.  Dear.  Lord.  I know people say God doesn’t make any mistakes, but I was seriously wondering if my body was a defective model.

Every day I haul around a 35 pound toddler (many times while he is thrashing around in full-on tantrum mode)….usually while also carrying a bag of sippy cups, an entire box of diapers, and a purse that weighs as much as an elephant.  And during the school year?  The bag of papers I carry home could be equated to a military tank.  Therefore, I felt confident about my strength….until today.

I’ve heard of the triceps group of muscles, but apparently I’ve never engaged them until today.  I used resistance, and in some cases couldn’t add but 10 lbs. of weight.  I did dips.  I did triceps push ups.  Don’t know what these exercises are?  Rumor has it the military employed these as interrogation techniques at Guantanamo Bay until the world’s governments pointed out they were a violation of the Geneva Convention treaties.

But I made it through.  I did rep after rep.  Exercise after exercise.  But I finished it all.  Unfortunately, I had to sit in the parking lot for two hours because I couldn’t lift my key to put it into the ignition.


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