The Crafty Bug Bites Again – Day 165

jewelry display

As I’ve made it abundantly clear on this blog, I am not crafty. I am terribly envious of those that are. However, that doesn’t keep me from trying to copy others’ good ideas. And that’s where today’s first was born.

On Pinterest (of course, where else), I saw a really cute display for a family center in a kitchen.  It was a cute artistic and functional wall display that combined monograms, pictures, and cork boards.  I bought the cork boards thinking I would recreate this look in my own home.  However, for various reasons, that didn’t happen.  So I ran across the cork boards today and thought they would be great to add to my bedroom wall to display some of my jewelry.

Being a jewelry lady, I have a lot of jewelry.  Boxes and trays upon boxes and trays of jewelry.  I have more necklaces than anything else and if I’m not careful they can get tangled up, broken, or lost.  Sometimes when I’m too tired and lazy to put them properly away in my jewelry case, I lay them on my bathroom counter.  That means my bathroom counter gets cluttered quickly and easily.  So I decided these cork squares may help me with this problem while also adding something beautiful to my bedroom wall.

I bought some pretty contact paper that worked with my bedroom colors of green, yellow, and brown.  I got the wall adhesives from 3M that you can tug the tail and it detaches from the wall without leaving a mark.  And lastly I picked up some clear push pens.  I covered two of the cork tiles leaving the other two alone.  I placed five push pens in each square.   With only four squares I have 20 necklaces hanging — far less than half of my collection, but it will do.

I chose necklaces I wear frequently but also which I believe are beautiful in their own right as it is being used for art in this occasion.  However, because they are just hanging on push pens, I can wear the necklace anytime I like without a hassle.

I loved this idea!  Perhaps I do have a crafty bone in my body after all….albeit a very, very small bone… a metacarpal or phalange or something incredibly small like that.


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