Am I Dreaming? – Day 166

inceptionI remember when the movie Inception first was released and advertised. Based on the trailer, I couldn’t figure out what it was about, but I knew that I was dying to see it.  However, as is often the case, seeing a movie meant a lot of strategics and planning with an overloaded calendar so I figured I’d just catch it when the DVD came out.  No harm; no foul.  Except when you’ve got kids, a demanding job, and little control of the remote, opportunities for DVDs don’t come often, either.  Before I knew it, an opportunity to watch the movie had come and gone and all I had were friends and family talking about how mindblowing a film it was.

So today while Rick and E enjoyed some Father’s Day golf, and D took an afternoon nap, I perused the offerings through On Demand and there it was!  Without hesitation I selected it.  And I literally mean without hesitation because that movie is 2.5 hours long and D’s naps are about equal length.

Within 30 minutes I was entertained.  I was confused.  I was totally sucked in to the concept.  And that 2.5 hours …. seemed like an hour….much like the way time is morphed in a dream.

It was a unique and interesting premise for a movie.  And the characters were complex…..yet simple, strangely enough.  Each person had their specific role with a fairly clear-cut personality and motivation within the team of the inception.  But many characters also had layers to them similarly to the way the dreams had layers.  For example, the employer Saito …. one is not certain is he is a good guy or a bad guy throughout the movie.  As the viewer, I wasn’t sure if I wanted the team to be successful in manipulating Fischer or not.  Was the team doing the wrong thing for the right reasons?  Or the right thing for the wrong reasons?  Or ….. honestly does it matter since it’s just a movie.  Honestly, these were the thoughts going through my head while watching this.

Going into the dreamscape multiple levels deep carried such risk.  Each level contained the premise for such danger and violence.  With constant action and the need for synchronized events in each level, my adrenaline was pumping and I was on the edge of my seat.  Honestly, I was tired when the movie ended.

And speaking of the ending…..I knew the ambiguity was intentionally, but it was not satisfying as a viewer.  I wish there was a clear resolution to the storyline.  However, that is my only complaint for this movie.  Glad I finally was able to watch it.


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