Put on a Pretty Face – Day 164

So a couple of months ago I joined Ipsy after hearing a friend talk about it. You pay a $10/month subscription and you are given a package in the mail every month full of sample-sized cosmetics.

Today’s new thing was trying some of the items in the bag.  First:  I applied Be a Bombshell’s mascara.  It was a nice dark color.  The wand separated my lashes well.  However, it didn’t help my lashes look noticably longer.  In the end, the verdict was eh….

The second item I tried from my Ipsy bag was a new gloss.  It was NYX Butter Gloss.  It had a pleasant scent.  The color I was scared of at first.  It was a super pale pink.  Usually, I go with dark, bold colors on my lips.  However, I tried it and I like it.  This is the one item I could really see myself using.





2 thoughts on “Put on a Pretty Face – Day 164

  1. Butter glosses are fabulous. I’ve yet to try a pale one though because I’ve been afraid it wouldn’t show up as well as the bright ones. Do you find it to be more sheer or more opaque?

    1. I found it to be opaque. I usually shy away from such pale shades as this, but it totally worked for a natural look. I kept my whole look natural, but used a thick black eyeliner to add some drama. Loved it.

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