Oops, I Did It Again – Day 162

Okay, so it’s not really day 162. It’s actually day 163, but I didn’t get to update on day 162 so we are going to pretend to go back in time. No. Time traveling is not today’s first.  But I was simply too tired to type so here I am …. again….catching up.  Still, it’s June and I’ve only missed a handful of days updating this blog so, eh.

So yesterday’s first was trying a new soup.  I am a soup girl.  I’m one of those anomalies that can eat soup anytime of year and in any weather.  So, yes, it’s June.  And yes, it was 90 degrees yesterday.  And yes, I ate soup.  Warm, nurture your soul kind of soup.  Lemon chicken orzo.  It just makes me feel all warm and cozy typing the name of it.

This soup had very little lemony flavor….more like an aftertaste of a hint of lemon.  Of course, that could be because this chick also loves lemonade and had to get some freshly squeezed added to my order.  Drinking a lemonade with your meal, perhaps….maybe…..by some chance may interfere with one’s ability to taste a subtle lemon flavor.  But no matter, it was delish.  The soup had bits of onion, kale, and carrot.  The broth was light and clear.  The orzo added the needed texture to the soup.

And I ate it with a baguette.  Mmmm….. Lemon orzo chicken soup, a fresh baguette, and freshly squeezed lemonade.  Heaven on a tray.  Why is it some people view soups as only winter meals?  This meal could make anyone a soup-lover in the summer.



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