I’ll Be There For You – Day 163

I am not a huge television watcher. There are a few shows I cannot do without — Once Upon a Time, The Blacklist, and Under the Dome are really my must-sees.  And I haven’t really gotten into the craze that is known as “binge watching” where you sit down and consume an entire series in one weekend thanks to Netflix.

However, there is one television series now in syndication that I never missed when it was originally on the air.  When I happen to catch on episode on television here and there, it immediately puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh.  Plus, it reminds me of college days and sitting around the tube with my dorm buddies and roommate.  That show is Friends.

As much as I enjoy this show, my husband doesn’t really care for it.  Therefore, I don’t watch it that often.  However, the husband was gone today leaving the remote completely up to me (which, really, could account for its own first….).  I was alone for the afternoon in my home.  The living room, bathroom, kitchen and entry were a respectable level of clean.  I watched episode after episode after episode of Friends this afternoon.  I sang along to the theme song.  I quoted my favorite lines.  I mimiced the stars’ dance in the opening credits.  I watched this show for a solid two hours…..then I searched through the guide channel to find one more episode on another channel.

I guess you could say today’s first was binge watching Friends.


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