Put the Lime in the….-Day 160

lime slices macro

As is our monthly tradition, I spent the evening with some fellow jewelry ladies beginning with a Mexican meal.  One of my friends almost always orders a diet Pepsi with a lime slice.  She’s done this every single time we’ve gone out to eat that I can recall.  Once we asked her why she always requested the lime.  She explained that diet drinks have an aftertaste and the lime helps to disguise that.

Tonight she ordered a soda with lime.  I ordered a soda, as well, but did not request the lime.  I’ve often thought that a strange combination….citrus with soda.  However, when drinks arrived at our table, mine had a couple of lime wedges on the side, as well.  So I decided that before I would write off this combination as strange or disgusting, I should at least give it a try.  Thus, it is today’s first:  Pepsi with lime wedges.

My friend explained that she preferred Coke to Pepsi because Pepsi just is sweeter and Coke has more of a “bite” to it.  She said the lime helped balance the sweetness of the Pepsi making it less prominent.  So I squeezed my wedges and dunked them in the glass using my straw to stir it up.

To my surprise, my friend was completely correct.  It did not give the soda a strong citrus flavor.  In fact, the only time I really tasted it was in the aftertaste.  Rather than a sugary flavor, the lime really did cut through the sweetness to provide more balance to the taste.  I was pleasantly surprised.


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