When Ugly is Best – Day 158

I like to play quick, fun games at my jewelry shows. I find it keeps things moving, and helps it feel less like a sales pitch, but rather a laid-back fun time with friends. While I have a few favorites, I played a new game today. We had a competition for the ugliest accessory.

hamburger bag

It was fun to watch the ladies show off their accessories as if they were treasure.  Any accessory would count — shoes, jewelry, scarves, purses, glasses….anything.  However, most of the ladies brought ugly jewelry.

A lot of the pieces were handmade or individualized.  There was one that had a complete set — four pieces — for her entry.  Another had a necklace with little people and pets that looked like “characters from South Park” according to one of the guests.  The funniest of all was when a guest had on accessories that were given to her or hand made by the hostess.

After seeing everyone’s entries, a vote was taken.  The winner received her prize.  It was a great time spent laughing and enjoying each company’s.


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