Stick To Your Ribs – Day 157

I know this week has been a bit of an overload of food entries.  Forgive me.  I promise to expand my horizons beyond the culinary firsts.

Today’s first, however, is bigger than just food.  It is really about an event.  This afternoon Rick and I decided to take the family to the Twin City Rib Fest.  The festival has live music, carnival rides, vendors, and obviously, lots of food.  We decided to go early in the afternoon because there was a deal that allowed adults to get in for $1 each (kids 12 and under are free) as opposed to the usual $7 entry.  (Plus, the horrific money leeches known as carnival rides and games didn’t open until 5 pm.)

We saw online that there are packages available so you can sample ribs at a number of vendors for one price.  However, these must be purchased in advance online.  Therefore, that was not an option for us being that this was a spontaneous decision to attend.  Regardless, most of the vendors had some great options.  I ordered a pulled pork sandwich and fries.  Rick picked up a sampler-type plate with ribs, chicken, baked beans, and potatoes.  The four of us laid everything out on a table in the dining tent and dug in.  This is the before:

BBQ b4

This is the after:

BBQ after

Oh Emm Gee!  That was some good eating!

Of course, it wasn’t just about the food.  There were some really interesting vendors …. vendors of salsa, hot sauce, ice cream, baked goods, wine, smoothies, apple ales…..oh, those are all food, too.

Well, there was the local car dealership that brought their cars out.   They had a brand spanking new silver Chevrolet truck which D thought looked so pretty and shiny he decided to throw a rock at it….oops.  In addition to eating, we got to practice our sincerest apology skills.

Wake Forest athletics had a booth, also.  They had a prize wheel which you could spin and….well, win prizes.  Rick spun the wheel and won a 4-pack of tickets to the deacons’ first home football game.  Woo hoo!

The only complaint — and we learned the hard way — there were no facilities for changing diapers.  Thankfully, it was a fairly sparse crowd being that it was so early so we could scope out some makeshift spots to do the necessary cleaning and changing our toddler.  However, if you decide to attend the Rib Fest while it is going on this weekend, may I recommend NOT eating and drinking on the first table to the left in the dining tent next to the carnival rides……no certain reason.  Just because.

See… wasn’t all about the food.


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