Hamburger Helper from Scratch – Day 154

beefy mac

I love hamburger helper. It’s kind of like a guilty pleasure. I know a meal in a box is loaded with preservatives and chemicals and so not even close to healthy, but let’s be honest. It tastes good and it’s easy and fast to fix.

Walking past the boxes of it at the supermarket, I’ve often thought I could recreate that at home in a way that would be more flavorful and healthy.  However, I am not a cook.  I am a recipe follower.  I am a color-inside-the-lines kind of cook.  I don’t cook because I like to and am talented at it.  I cook out of sheer necessity…..and because I like to eat.   Therefore, I knew that in reality I was never going to recreate that dish without finding a recipe for it.

Pinterest (again) to the rescue.  Thank God I have more luck with Pinterest’s recipes than I do their manicures.

I found it….I recipe recreating cheeseburger mac hamburger helper that had clean(er) and fresh(er) ingredients that I could control and pronounce and were not found on the final rounds of the Scripps Spelling Bee national competition.  Meat, tomato sauce, oregano, onion, garlic, broth, macaroni, chili powder, cheese, flour, salt, pepper….that’s pretty much it.  I can do that!  Even better, I can substitute ground turkey for beef for me, and I can choose to leave the cheese out if E was eating it.  I can totally adapt this into an allergy-friendly meal for our house.  Perfect.

From start to finish I was probably able to put this together in a half hour.  Therefore, I loved that it is a meal that is practically as quick and easy as the meal-in-a-box.  I went ahead and including the cheese since I knew E was not eating it.  The cheese made it particularly creamy.  D won’t touch much of anything outside of chicken fingers and fries, and this was no exception.  He’s one of the few kids I know that will turn up his nose at any pasta or cheese.  However, I ate it and enjoyed it.  No surprise that it tasted exponentially better than the box meal.  I controlled the herbs and could add more or less to my taste.  And there were plenty of leftovers for me to enjoy again tomorrow.

Hamburger helper from scratch was a total success.  Just in case you’d like to try it, too, click here to get the recipe.  By the way, the picture above is not mine.  I’m totally giving credit to the blog where I got this recipt:  Budget Bytes


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