Cold Water Challenge – Day 153

I knew it would eventually make its way around. I’ve seen it all over facebook and knew it was just a matter of time. The cold water challenge finally found its way to me.

The cold water challenge seems to be the social media-viral trend du jour with participants being videotaped jumping into a cold body of water or having cold water dumped on them and challenging others to do the same in the video.  It is used to raise money for charity in many cases, although there are cases of teens and young adults issuing these challenges with no connection to charity and fundraising.

For my challenge, E was in charge of getting the cold water in the bucket. Unbeknownst to me, he put ice cubes in the bucket along with the cold water.  We also got a little plastic cup and filled it half full with cold water so D could get in on the action.  After I said the script for the challenge on the video, I nodded to E that it was time to bomb me with the water.  As I was leaning over to hand the cup to D, E surprised me with an early soak — ice cubes and all.  I squealed because it was surprisingly cold with the ice cubes.

Uncertain of what was going on, D then began crying.  This was all too much for him and he was scared.  In his two-year-old mind, his mommy had been hurt.  As I stop screaming and begin laughing, E then grabs the cup of water and threw it in my face which resulted in another squeal….which caused E to cry more.  Unfortunately, I could not hug him or pick him up because I was drenched with cold water.  When he saw me dry off with the towel and laugh, E began to regain his composure.

Cold water challenge….check.


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