May Recap

I nearly forgot about May’s recap because it seems as if I blinked and the month was over. It’s almost as if every month passes a bit quicker than the one before it. In any event, here’s May’s firsts:

1 – Assumed the office of historian for our local chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa

2 – Made a cheeseless Hawaiian pizza at home

3 – Had a girls day out with my niece

4 – Intentionally complimented every single stranger I came in contact with

5 – Attempted electronic portfolios for my students through Google Docs

6 – Wall squats = torture

7 – Made banana smores

8 – Had first meeting as a member of Parent Advisory Council of Team IMPACT

9 – Bought Jamberry nail wraps

10 – Visited my friend’s store Polka Dots

11 – Attempted a two tone split manicure

12 – Gave state end of grade tests to a class of students I did not teach

13 – Used a peel skin mask

14 – Repeatedly prayed the prayer, “Less of Me; More of You,” and meant it earnestly

15 – Had a ball fight in the living room with my sons

16 – Watched the Wizard of Oz with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon playing simultaneously

17 – Helped my mom edit an online cookbook for publishing

18 – Applied Jamberry nail wraps

19 – Ate ACP dish at a local restaurant

20 – Watched Frozen

21 – Watched Oz: The Great and Powerful

22 – Tried Mexican candy

23 – Ate a new dessert, became the parent of an 8th grader

24 – Bought some clothes at the Goodwill Store

25 – Made a new pasta dish

26 – Took a walk with my youngest son where he discovered dandelions

27 – Met with a real estate agent to develop a plan to ready our house to sale

28 – Listened to Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling

29 – Took apart my vacuum cleaner

30 – Spraypainted our file cabinet (just put the contact paper on the top — not bad)

31 – Made peanut butter and chocolate chip pancakes


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