Bag Lady – Day 152

I’ve mentioned my really cool friend, Mandy, in a previous post. She is so crafty that it is insane. A while back she was explaining to me her latest passion — Duck Tape crafts.  She was really excited for me to give this a try and explaining all of the many items she had made.  I was blown away at how many things she has created.

No need for me to browse Pinterest (because you know how much I love Pinterest) for ideas.  Mandy is an encyclopedia of duck tape craft ideas.  Today, she generously shared one of these with me.

Today at church she brings in a bag.  It’s really like a cute little mini purse…..complete with handles.  Seriously.  And look at this pattern:  140601-223950

Black and white gingham with cherries.  Does it get any cuter?  Have you ever seen any duck tape quite as cute as this?  Didn’t think so.  She hands it to me and tells me it is mine.  For real.

Now this is not just for show.  Look at the inside:140601-224019  The entire interior of this bag is lined with…. you guessed it….duck tape.

She showed me another bag she had made and it even has a little pocket inside.  For real!  Mandy has such eye for details.  She has absolutely not overlooked anything.  Even though this is a duck tape purse, there is no area that is left sticky that would render the bag useless.  She’s thought of it all so it is cute, surprising, and super practical.  I can absolutely see me using this inside my regular purse to hold my cosmetics or my jewelry.  Additionally, it would be great to use to keep receipts in that are often thrown all over my purse making it a hot mess.

Tonight’s first:  I now have a duck tape bag.  Thanks, Mandy!


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