File That Under F for First – Day 150

Today I tried another crafty/DIY project. Again, do I need to reiterate how terrible I am at this kind of thing?  My love/hate relationship with Pinterest is highlighted when I attempt these types of activities.  However, I will have to hold off total judgment if this was the love or the hate until my project is finished.

Today I began recovering/upcycling a file cabinet.  Ions ago before kids were in the picture, my husband and I decided we would make a home office and get ourselves organized.  We bought a couple of two-drawer metal file cabinets.  One in beige; one in silver.  Now, 13 years later the days of hoping I would get organized are as far removed as my 20s.  But I’ve kept the file cabinets and used them in a variety of ways.  Most recently, they work as nightstands for the boys’ rooms.

E has the beige one.  It has rust spots here and there from placing glasses on it or that one time when we had a leak in the home we rented before.  It has dings and scratches from being moved and banged up in the process.  Here is what it looked like at the beginning of the day:

photo 1 (7)  You can clearly see the rust trail from the leak in a window from many years ago.  You can tell it is dingy and a bit beaten up.

Today I cleaned it really well trying to remove all the rust and dirt I could.  Then I used a rust-preventing silvery gray spray paint to cover the cabinet.  It also helped to texturize the surface making it look interesting and less industrial, I think.  What are your thoughts?  Here’s the after:

photo 2 (7)

It was not my intention for my son to begin covering it with magnets and electronics, but leave a 12 year old to his own devices for five minutes and this is what happens.  In any event, I am not yet finished.  My plan is to get contact paper and cover at least the top and front — if not the whole thing.  Finding the right contact paper has been challenging up to this point, however.  I need something that will work in his room — ideally a masculine black and white pattern, but that seems to be harder to come by than I had anticipated.  I may just buy duck tape and wrap the whole dang thing.  Who knows how this will end.  Regardless, upcycling and refinishing a file cabinet is a definite first.


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