The Four Most Frightening Words – Day 149

I’ve experienced many scares in my lifetime — car accidents, husband’s health episodes, son’s medical tests, asthma attacks…..the list goes on and on, but few words strike fear in this house more than these: “I’ll do it myself.” You see, there are people in this world that are do-it-yourselfers and then there are the Papsuns.  God blessed my husband and I with many talents.  Fixing and building things are not among those.  However, we detest having to pay others for what we wish we could do ourselves.  So today when the vacuum completely stopped working, I put a plea on Facebook for the names of vacuum repair people in our area. After getting some names, I knew there would be no way I could get the vacuum to a repairman today, but I really needed a vacuum.  Patience is a virtue I do not have so I needed the vacuum today.  Therefore I said those dreaded words, “I”ll do it myself.”  My husband looked at me with fear and trepidation, but he said nothing.  That was a good decision on his part.  However, seeing his facial expression spoke volumes.  I explained to him that there really was nothing to lose.  I was planning on going to the repair shop either way.  Therefore, I grabbed the screwdriver and began taking apart the vacuum. vacuum   For the record, yes, I know there is a toothbrush and a frisbee in the floor with the vacuum parts.  The toothbrush was an old one I was using to clean out the caked on dirt and the frisbee I was using to try to catch the dust/dirt that was falling from the bottom. I was pretty impressed with myself because I got all of it apart and found the problem — a broken belt.  I was able to wash the filters and put everything back together again.  I can’t use the cleaner yet because I am going to have to replace that belt — another first.  However, I did get all the pieces securely back together again.  I was pretty impressed with myself.  And best of all, my floors have been vacuumed because my friend let me borrow her vacuum.  Looking for a belt very soon.


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