Nothing Like Good Quality A Cappella – Day 148

Today I had to clean up my classroom in preparation for our summer break. It was my last task before finishing out the school year, but the only way to get through the day-long task of cleaning is to have some great tunes playing.  At first I was in a chill kind of mood so I listened to a Harry Connick, Jr. playlist.  Then I was ready to get some serious movement going so I switched to B-52s followed by some various playlists that incorporated a variety of artists.  It was through this that I was introduced to some new artists:  Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix.

Lindsey Stirling I was completely unfamiliar with, but she worked with John Legend for a version of All of Me that was incredible.  She is a violinist and it is amazing to watch her in the YouTube videos I saw.  It’s almost as if she is singing her soul through the violin.  And she ends up playing what sounds like a harmony line to the song.  Because I was so impressed, I decided to listen to a few more of her tracks.  This is where I came across the most incredible song I have heard in a while:  Radioactive.  It is a cover of the Imagine Dragons release, but she works with Pentatonix to recreate this song.

I had heard of Pentatonix before.  They are an amazing a cappella group that apparently won a reality singing show in the recent past.  I, however, completely missed that because I try to avoid reality shows at all costs.  Several of my friends are fans of the group and have posted shared their songs and/or videos on social media.  But this song was new.  Want to hear it?  Here is the link:  Radioactive by Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling.  

Today’s new thing:  listening to Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling.  I have a feeling ITunes will be benefitting from today’s first.


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