Selling a House Is a Lot of Work – Day 147

for sale sign

Since we’ve had a second child, our house has felt smaller. We are bursting at the seams, in fact. With a toddler’s toys, an adolescent’s need for space, a husband’s desire for solitude, and my jewelry stuff, there is simply not a place for everything and everything in its place.

Additionally, I cringe everytime there is a considerable storm.  We don’t have a basement and I have a bit of a phobia regarding storms.  When we bought this house, I never thought I would care about a basement, but I was wrong.  We love our home.  It has so many memories.  There’s so many great qualities about this home, but it just isn’t meeting our needs any more.  Therefore, it is time to stop talking and take some action.

A year ago we met with a real estate agent.  She evaluated our home’s value and looked at comps to give us an idea of a potential listing price.  We talked briefly about some things which would need to be done before we could put the home on the market.   However, today we met with her for the first time to develop a plan to get the home ready to put on the market.

It is easy for me to get overwhelmed.  In my mind I know what the house needs to look like at the point we are ready to put it on the market.  It seems like there is so much to do to get it to that point.  Having a real estate agent come in and advise us makes it a bit more manageable.

So now as my summer starts, I am looking ahead with a plan to help us meet our goal of putting our house on the market this year and making new memories in a new home.



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