Stop and Smell the Dandelions — Day 146

D loves being outside. Both of my boys do, in fact. Every night D begs his daddy to take him for a walk. He and Rick will walk up our road and several blocks in the neighborhood.  Few things make that little boy happier.

Because today is Memorial Day, we were all at home.  D asked from 10 am on to go outside.  We played a little inside, took a bath, and then I decided to take him outside.

After a rousing game of kick the ball back and forth, D asked me to take him on a walk.  Normally as I indicated above, this is an activity reserved for father and son, but I decided I would go ahead and take him on a walk today.  Therefore, today’s first:  taking D on a walk.

While we were walking, I tried to help point out things along the way. We would name colors …. the grass was green, a flower was yellow, a house was white, and so on.  We noticed ants.  We counted cars.  And then D found a dandelion.Dandelion2

We pulled it out of the ground.  I blew on the dandelion and he saw its seeds from its head flow through the air.  He giggled and grabbed at them.  Then, I handed him the dandelion and tried to instruct him how to blow on the seeds to make them fly.  He didn’t quite grasp that concept.  Instead of blowing on the dandelion, he tried to smell it almost snorting them up his nose.  We laughed, but D was done with the dandelion.  He was ready to go home.  He was finished with his walk.


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