Part 2 – As Much Dairy as One Can Get – Day 143

Okay… that I’ve digested the fact that I am Mom to an 8th grader (as explained in Part 1) I can focus on today’s other new experiences.

Tonight I had a jewelry show with my dear friend. She’s had a number of these for me. It’s a win-win. She loves the jewelry and can get it free; I love the money I make and the food she cooks.

Earlier this week she showed me a picture of a new dessert she was making for our jewelry show this evening.  She explained it could be my something new for the day AND it was her discovery when searching for a dessert that had as much dairy as possible.

Since E is allergic to milk (and eggs and shellfish), I try not to ingest these items around my boys.  It’s not so much because of the concern of cross contamination.  I just don’t think it’s right to indulge in chocolate ice cream when E cannot have it.  Therefore, when I go to a jewelry show, I always head straight for any items with milk, egg, or shellfish.  It’s like I’m being sneaky and enjoying something I should feel guilty about.

My friend and hostess from tonight’s jewelry show knows this about me.  In fact, she encourages this type of behavior.  Once, she got homemade ice cream from a restaurant in my hometown and let me eat it from the carton just so she could watch.  You think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not.  Seriously.  It was heavenly hash — or something like it.  Don’t judge.

A few days ago, she texted me a picture of this frozen dessert.  She made sure I knew that it had more dairy than my body might be able to handle — sour cream, whipped cream, heavy cream, milk, cream cheese …. you name it.  If it was dairy, it was probably in this recipe on an almond crust.

Tonight we got it out and enjoyed.  It was a frozen dessert which took enough manpower to cut and serve that I should not worry about calories.   And it was delicious.


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