My Promise to You – Day 141

I know how this looks. I don’t do it very often. My promise to you is I won’t make this a habit.
The whole point of a new thing a day is to get out of life’s ruts and here I am two days in a row with a similar thing. But I promise it’s not going to continue to occur. This is not going to turn into a movie review blog.

However, I freely admit two days in a row I have seen movies for the first time.  You have to understand, this time of year in a teacher’s life comes with exposure to many movies.  If it’s not for rewards in the classroom, it’s at home because there are no more papers to grade or lessons to plan in the evenings.

So today, I enjoyed another Disney movie:  Oz, the Great and Powerful.  When I saw this previewed on commercials, I knew I wanted to watch this movie badly.  I love all things Wizard of Oz.  I devoured the Gregory MacGuire novel Wicked.  I love watching the movie over and over, and I love being able to know differences between Frank Baum’s book and the famous musical movie.  I’m not quite as obsessed as I know others are, but suffice to say I never get tired of watching that movie.

I understood this movie tells the story before Dorothy’s arrival in the magical land.  It explains the origin of the three witches and the wizard.  I was excited to watch it.

I was not disappointed.

It was interesting to see the movie try to follow the 1939 classic’s lead and have Kansas scenes in sepia tone while Oz was in color.  However, the pictures are so much more clear now that there was no way to truly mimic the look of the classic.  I loved that I only counted one inappropriate or “curse” word in the movie.  James Franco, Michelle Williams, Zach Braff, Mila Kunis and no cursing.  It almost seems unnatural.  But I love that it was truly a family movie.


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