Jumping on the Bandwagon – Day 140

Frozen — it was a juggernaut for Disney at the box office. It was a movie seen not only by preschoolers and young girls, but by college students and adults alike. Even Jimmy Fallon knows the song “Let It Go” from the movie soundtrack.  Don’t believe me?  Just watch this clip from his late night show (which I can’t stop watching, by the way….) :  Jimmy Fallon and Idina Menzel song.

My sweet niece loved the movie.  Between Christmas and her 3rd birthday, she now has the costume dresses of both princesses — Elsa and Anna.  Being the mom of two boys, princess movies just aren’t as commonplace in our home.  Therefore, I do believe I may be one of the few remaining human beings that have not watched Frozen.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I adore the television show Once Upon a Time.  I mean  I am absolutely enamored, mesmerized, captivated, addicted to this show.  At the risk of spoiling it for anyone who has yet to watch the season finale, it became obvious the newest fairy tale character to join the show will be Elsa of Frozen‘s plot.   Therefore, I knew I would have to watch this movie before next season begins so I could become familiar with this character. snowflake

Today I finally watched the movie.  Disney seems to have a recipe for most of its “princess” movies.  This recipe works so they rehash it successfully in different manifestations, but I felt this movie was really a new twist on this type of movie.  Yes, there is the archetypal journey but I loved the story of true love being between family members rather than romantic.  I really loved the way both characters were willing to sacrifice themselves and that the main characters were no damsels in distress.  Now I don’t mean to make it sound as if gender stereotypes and stereotypes of romantic love don’t exist in this movie because they do.  However, it is nice to see a shift to a more modern idea of strong women and tight family bonds.

Of course, that “Let It Go” song is pretty catchy, too.


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