Trying the Special – Day 139

Once a month my jewelry lady friends and I meet for dinner, socializing, and training. There’s more socializing than the others, honestly.  We always have Mexican for dinner at this local restaurant. We all almost always order the same items, but tonight I saw something on the specials board when I walked in that I knew would be today’s new thing.

It may not sound that exotic, but I’ve never had it before: ACP. Don’t ask me what ACP stands for because I haven’t a clue, but I’m guessing the P is for pollo which is chicken in Spanish.

The dish is made of pieces of grilled chicken smothered with cheese sauce all served on a bed of rice. It’s a fairly simple dish, but who can go wrong with chicken, cheese and rice?

My fellow teacher friend, Brittany, and I used to eat Mexican every work day and she would always order ACP. Always. Looking at hers, I was often envious of that cheese sauce, but never would I break out of my rut of chicken chimichanga to get this menu item.
Today that changed.

It was quite tasty, but I noticed some considerable differences from my usual menu choice.  First:  the chicken was grilled as opposed to a shredded chicken.  The shredded chicken is more moist and has a softed texture.  In the ACP, there was an element of freshness lacking since there was no lettuce or tomatoes or even salsa on it.  Just pouring a little salsa on the dish would have given it the freshness this dish was lacking.  I loved the cheese sauce, but the tanginess of tomatoes would have been a good compliment.

The dish was good.  I had no leftovers left over on my plate, in fact.  However, I don’t think I would order this item again.  The texture of the chicken in a chimichanga or burrito is much more pleasant to me.  Plus, veggies aren’t just for health.  They add a brightness to a dish that was lacking here.


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