Jammed My Nails – Day 138

If you’ve even remotely followed my blog, you know manicures and I have a difficult relationship at best. I have a fairly difficult time simply painting my nails with one color and one coat. Adding designs and fancy techniques found on Pinterest never end well for me. So when I heard of Jamberry, I thought I might have found a solution.
Jamberry is a direct sales company that provides nail wraps. There are designs, metallics, ombre, and solid colors. In fact, if you can imagine a pattern, they have probably offered it for your nails. I bought several sets of these after hearing a number of people sing their praises. They said it was easy. They said it lasts. They said it was wonderful. I was sold.
My packet of Jamberry wraps came in the mail a couple of days ago, so I gave them a try tonight. The package’s directions made it all sound so simple. Peel them off the plastic, heat them up, press them to your nail, trim, file. Voila! Gorgeous nails.
Yea, never quite works out that way with me and my nails. They were simple, but I could never get them quite write on my nails. I have wrinkles, ripples, and bubbles. The edges look and feel rough. I must work on my technique.nails
I’m going to give them some attention tomorrow. I will continue to file and press them in hopes that it will improve the looks of things. Even if it doesn’t, I’ll keep working with it a few more times. After all, I’ve already bought them so I might as well.
Let it be known that while they may be easier and simpler and offer more options than traditional manicures, they may drive a type A, OCD personality insane.


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