The Dark Side of Oz – Day 136

Our high school did not partake in that tradition of the class valedictorian giving the student address at commencement. I ended up giving the speech at graduation. (and I was far from valedictorian) I based the address on Pink Floyd’s album Dark Side of the Moon.

I won’t bore you with a complete retelling of it all, but let’s just say I was inspired from everything about it …. from the cover art to the lyrics.  During my senior year, I fell in love with bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.  I listened to them daily, watched videos of concerts,and found out all I could about them.

It was during this time I first heard that one could play Dark Side of the Moon simultaneously with the movie The Wizard of Oz and everything would be strangely in sync.  Someone explained how the mood and tone of each song fit perfectly with the mood and tone of what was happening in the movie.  While I’ve often heard this, I’ve never ventured to see if it were true.

Today that changed.   I found the video on YouTube — or at least one of the thousands of similar videos that are available.  I gotta admit, this was a pretty cool idea whoever thought of it.  I don’t know who sits around and just plays random movies with Pink Floyd albums, but what a cool thing.  I was pretty shocked at how well it did fit.  My favorite part was how all the clocks went off exactly as Miss Gulch was first in the film riding her bike to Dorothy’s home to collect Toto.



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