We Were Having a Ball – Day 135

Since the time we’ve had children, there have been balls in our house. Small rubber balls, large bouncing balls, basketballs, footballs, ping pong balls, golf balls…..you name it, we have it.

Even though they are 10 years apart, the  boys still will argue and fuss over these.  D wants E’s large basketball to go outside with; E will take away D’s toddler-sized red bouncy ball from him… it’s almost an everyday occurrence referring these spats.  Thankfully, they are often short-lived, but it’s annoying enough that we have three or four soft balls in the living room at any time — enough for everyone to have their own……and soft enough that no one is permanently injured.

Tonight, I am quite grateful they are soft plastic — at least the ones in our living room.  Why?  Because tonight the three of us had a ball war.  We were throwing the balls at each other and trying to hide behind furniture to block.  E was really slinging that ball at me.  We had to be a little careful because D was in the room with us.  But we made sure he got in on the fun, too.  We would toss it tapping him in the torso.  Then he would jump on his big brother or run at me hitting me yelling “Bam! Bam!”  And that was hilarious.  He was like the little boy in the classic cartoon The Flintstones.  He would hit one of us with the ball laughing and yelling “bam! bam!”  and then E or I would pick him up and smack him down on the couch and we would all laugh and laugh.

During this time, my husband was gone to the drugstore to pick up a prescription.  A part of me kept thinking if he came home and saw the three of us screaming, and cackling, and throwing balls at each other, and wrestling, he would believe he had walked into the wrong house.  I almost felt like I was doing something wrong and mischievous by rough-housing in the living room and throwing balls.    I couldn’t help but remember getting in trouble as a child for throwing things in the house with the stern warning of the possibility of breaking a lamp, or plate, or something else.   Then I laughed and finally allowed better sense to take over before something was broken.  However, I stopped the antics only after I took this picture:

boys  What a fun first.  We certainly had a ball (I know…..terrible pun.)


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