The Best Part of a Sunburn – Day 133

Sunburns are not fun. Having very pale skin, I’ve had my fair share. There have even been a handful of times I’ve blistered I’ve been so burned. But after the discomfort subsides and the skin tries to heal itself comes a part of the process, I don’t totally dislike. In fact, it’s kind of a weird hidden pleasure. Peeling the skin.

I know it totally disgusts some people, but I find satisfaction in ridding myself of the damaged skin and leaving behind new, glowing, fresh skin that doesn’t hurt.  Of course, the fact that I have some compulsive tendencies and can’t help myself may have something to do with it, admittedly.

No, today’s first does not involve being sunburned, but it does involve the peeling part.  Tonight I used a peel mask I bought at the drug store.  It was only a dollar or so.  There were a number of types that were targeting certain types of skin — chocolate, coconut, pomegranate, event mint.  (Now that I’m typing this, it seems more like flavors one would find on the candy aisle rather than the skin care aisle.)  I choose a cucumber mask as my skin is sensitive and cucumber has soothing and calming qualities.

If you choose to try out a facial peel mask like me, it would be wise to read the directions first.  Yes, reading directions and warnings on facial products may seem mundane — even trivial — but it does give some good advice like avoid applying to hair, eyes, and lips.  I think most anyone could assume avoiding eyes, but hair is important too otherwise what is intended as a facial mask could double as an eyebrow wax.  Of course, that’s all hypothetically speaking.  Surely, you don’t think I would dare do such a thing?!

The directions suggest you find a quiet, comfortable place to relax after applying while the mask dries.  Thank goodness that is not a prerequisite for the mask to work as finding 15 minutes to sit and relax seems impossible in a home with an adolescent and a toddler and a mountain full of laundry left to do.  The masks dries just as well if you happen to be folding clothes, deciding tomorrow’s outfit, and packing lunches.  This I know from experience.

It doesn’t take long after application to feel the mask drying.  It goes on like a gel but then quickly dries.  You definitely feel the tightness in your face while it is still on.  When it was time, it was easy to peel.  Beware of hidden hairs on your skin you didn’t see like baby fine hair in the hairline.  You will feel it.  Also, there are some areas on your face that may be more sensitive than others.  Those areas were uncomfortable to remove the mask, but they were few and far between.  Most of the time it felt like one was removing the dead skin after a sunburn.  A picture in process: peeling face

That’s what I liked about it.  After removing the mask, my face didn’t burn.  Any redness appearing subsided quickly after applying moisturizer.  Once the mask was off, I went over my face with a wet washcloth to remove any bits I hadn’t noticed.  Finally, I ended with some good quality moisturizer.  I liked the way my face looked and felt in the end — and I didn’t have to burn my skin to get that effect.  The after: after mask


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