Testing in an Unfamiliar Setting – Day 132

If you saw this blog entry yesterday, you may have been surprised when you tried to read it.  For reasons unknown to me, after I typed the whole dang entry and submitted it, it was wiped clean.  Totally erased.  I cannot begin to explain how aggravating that was.  I should have retyped it right then, but I was tired, irritable, and in need of sleep so I decided to postpone until now.  If any of my fellow bloggers have recommendations on how to prevent a repeat of this, I would appreciate the comments.

So now it’s time to rehash yesterday’s new thing.

I began teaching in August 1999.  With a few years as exceptions, I have administered end of grade (EOG) standardized state tests every year.  This year’s test has a few changes from previous years.  One of these changes is teachers cannot administer tests to the students they teach.  Therefore, for the first time, I gave an EOG to a class I do not teach.  Consequently, my students were given their tests by another teacher.

I know.  I know.  My firsts are supposed to add fun, happiness, excitement, compassion to my life.  And here I am talking about something as exciting as watching paint dry.  What can I say?  Testing week is the most tiring week of a school year.  You may want to decrease your expectations.  And I promise to increase my self-deprecating humor and sarcasm.



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