* Shiver * Yes, it’s another manicure attempt – Day 131

I know, I know…..I’ve not had much success this year with my manicure attempts. It was hard to stay positive going into this day’s first knowing how horribly things have turned out before.  In one attempt, it looked as though a peacock had exploded on my fingers.  Another looked as though my fingers had been slammed in a door and then sprinkled with glitter.

I decided to keep things a bit simpler today.  Two shades of polish and some tape.  That’s it.  (And even if this is a massive failure, the Jamberry nail wraps are on their way very soon.)

I decided to use a burgandy red and a chrome silver.  I really wanted silver and black, but the black polish was too old and so the consistency was tainted.  It ended in the trash. I started with silver since it was the lighter color.  I painted all of my nails two coats of the chrome color.  I let them dry.  Then I took a piece of scotch tape and put it on my nail in a diagonal.  I pushed the edge of the tape down really well so no color could seep underneath it.  I then used the burgandy to paint the area of the nail left uncovered.

I decided to do burgandy on a small angle on the bottom of most of the nails.  I had my ring fingers as accent nails where I reversed the pattern and put the burgandy at the top.  Everything went well and it was super simple until time to remove the tape.  It has to be removed while the top layer polish is still wet so it doesn’t rip off the paint.  However, the problem I didn’t anticipate (and let’s be honest…..there’s always a problem I don’t anticipate) was putting the tape on the silver while it was still slightly tacky.  Because it wasn’t completely dry, part of it came off with the tape.  I was able to do some simple touch ups, though, and made it work.   All in all, it was my most successful manicure attempt yet, I think, but I’ll let you be the judge:



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