Buying Something New – Day 129

So today I purchased something new: Jamberry Nails. They aren’t actually nails. But I don’t quite know what to call them….decals? stickers? nail polish? Regardless of what you call them, I have jumped on the bandwagon.

I had heard of them before.  I have a few coworkers who sing their praises.  And then I joined an online facebook Jamberry party of a friend.  The selection was huge!  And being that I have a hard time making decisions, I thought it may take me days to choose the ones I wanted. Eventually I had to just close my eyes and touch my computer screen and wherever that finger landed on the screen was what was ordered.  It was fine to leave it up to chance because there were very few designs that I disliked.  I knew I would be safe.

It would be easy to go out and buy something new everyday and let that accomplish the task of a daily new thing.  But I’m on the search of adding more meaning and significance and “stuff” just doesn’t do that.  In fact, sometimes stuff can get in the way of real joy and fun.

With that said…..sometimes nothing hits the spot like knowing a new look is coming.  Trying something new and updating a style can put a little spring in one’s step.  So, I am eager for my Jamberry nails to arrive in the mail and giving them a try.




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