Parents’ Opinions are Welcome – Day 128

Today I had my first conference call meeting as a member of the newly formed Parent Advisory Council for Team IMPACT. If you have read previous entries, you probably know E was chosen to be matched with Wake Forest’s baseball team through this nonprofit. A little more than a month ago I received a call and an email from Team IMPACT’s CEO asking if I would be a part of this council.  I was honored and excited.

We make up a small portion of the parents of the more than 400 children who are currently matched through the program, but we are from various geographical regions with different experiences in the program.  We discussed our opinions on the direction of the group, areas we saw needing to be addressed, and our hopes for the future of the program.  There are really high ambitions within the organization and I’m so glad I can be a part of it all.

Within the group, there has been real focus on direction, setting goals, gaining input, and reflection in an effort to improve.  It was impressive.  This work has proven to be effective as the number of children benefitting has nearly doubled in less than a year.  The number of colleges connected with the program to be matched with children has increased, as well.

I’m not quite sure of how long term this council and my role on it will be, but I’m so glad I can do something to contribute to an organization that has made a difference in my child’s life.  Please visit the website: to find out more about this nonprofit that matches children facing serious medical challenges with college athletic teams in their area.


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