OMB — Oh My Banana — Day 127

banana smores

Time for some honesty …. this picture is not mine.  I found it — and this recipe — on Pinterest, so I don’t want to steal the credit.  However, as you will read, I gave it a little Laura spin.

This is a recipe for grilled banana smores.  Bananas and smores….what’s not to love?!  I don’t grill.  That may have to be a first for another day.  However, I do broil and bake.  I figured I could recreate this pretty well in the oven.

I took two bananas (I was making one for me and one for E) and made a boat-like split in the middle.  That had to be done delicately as it doesn’t take much to pulverize a banana.  I had some leftover peeps for Easter that a tore up into mini-marshmallow size.  And I always keep some vegan chocolate chips on hand for E.  I stuck the peeps and chips into the crevice of the banana then wrapped them in aluminum foil.  I put them in the oven and broiled on low about 5 minutes or so….just long enough to melt everything.

It was delicious!  The banana flavor really came through after they had been heated.  The only thing missing is some crunch.  I think it would be nice to crush some graham crackers and sprinkle on top after they come out of the over.  Yummy.


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