This is Not Me – Day 126

wall-squat1Yes, there is a picture in this post of a woman doing a wall squat which was my new thing for today. No, it is not me. How might you know? Besides the obvious I have short hair and wear glasses, there is one other key detail that gives it away. The woman pictured is smiling.  I most certainly did not smile when engaging in this exercise.  In fact, my facial expression may have been a cross between constipation, sadness, and fear.  You’re welcome for that lovely mental image.

Today I did attempt a wall squat.  I examined many pictures and read up about this exercise to make sure I was executing it correctly. I know that in so many cases an exercise done incorrectly can bring about injury and that is the last thing I need.  Additionally, some exercises are not good for my knees.  I have a condition called chondromalacia — which is a word which you can throw around at parties to make you sound smart, but it just basically means the cartilage in my knee is worn out from years of my knee tracking incorrectly.  I would do just about anything to prevent myself from having a flare up of this condition which results in pain, instability, and fluid on my knee.  Therefore, I have to be mindful of what I do.  That’s why I decided to be proactive of this particular exercise.

As you can see in picture B, it is important to maintain good posture and to squat to a point that you are in a seated position.  Also, one needs to be mindful of feet placement.  Tonight, I stood up against the bathroom wall and I began to walk out away from it while bending down closer to that seated position.  When I finally reached that seated position, it was hell.  There are no other words.  This is not good for my knees.  While in the squat I felt the work in my legs (thighs especially) and entire lower body.  However, it felt very tough on my knees like much pressure was there.  I could not stay in that position for more than a few seconds without knowing this was causing stress on my knee — and not the good kind of stress.

I could really begin to feel it as I stood up.  My knee felt like there was extra tension in it….and then the dreaded crunching or grinding sensation.  This is because of the damaged cartilage, but it turns my stomach everytime I feel that grinding of bone on bone in my knee cap.

I got the first done today, but I will not be trying it again.



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