Taking an Office – Day 121

I am a member of Alpha Delta Kappa, an international honorary organization for women educators.  I joined three years ago and have enjoyed it immensely.  The members of our chapter are kind, funny, and encouraging with strong ideals.  They have prayed for me and supported me during my husband’s and son’s various health challenges.  

We meet once per month during the academic year.  Tonight was our meeting, and I had a new experience.  I was inducted as an officer.  I am now officially the historian for our chapter.  I take pictures and am responsible for documenting pretty much all our activities and efforts for the next two years.  One of the primary responsibilities of my duties include keeping up the chapter’s scrapbook.  

Perhaps now is not the best time to admit I’ve never kept a scrapbook in my life.  Guess this will be another first for my year.  Our previous chapter historian is amazingly crafty.  She was my son’s kindergarten teacher and she always gave him (and her other students) these personal handwritten notes — which in and of itself is such a wonderful thing.  However, this wasn’t all that made it so special that I remember it eight years later!!!  Every card she had personally designed by stamping, drawing, etc.  Not only did she write a personal note….that’s right, she designed an individual card, as well.  This is the person who has been responsible for the scrapbook until now.  That’s a tough act to follow, my friends.  The chapter had Dana and now they’re getting….well, me.  This could get interesting.  


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