April Recap

Here are all the firsts for April:

1.  Pulled an April Fools Day prank on my students

2. Used no plastic water bottles for the day

3.  Spent part of an evening with a friend as she told me all about her mother

4. Read Zachariah

5.  Scooted down the bleachers at a ballgame with my toddler

6.  Watched “The Goldbergs”  and “The Millers”

7.  Tried a caramel mocha from McDonalds and then spilled it all over me while driving

8.  Drove a golf cart

9.  Played outside with my boys after school and introduced D to our swingset

10.  Learned about the differences between children’s bedrooms across the world

11.  Attended a middle school art show where my oldest was recognized and had his work displayed

12.  Tried a Green Tea Snapple (eh….)

13.  Tried a spanokopita appetizer (yum!)

14.  Ate goat meat (surprisingly good)

15.  Taught as a team with my husband

16.  Watched the movie “To Kill a Mockingbird”

17.  Ate my friend’s cucumber, cream cheese, salsa appetizer (mmm mmm)

18.  Took the day off to play with my toddler and watched Cosmos  (would do this everyday if I could)

19.  Saw a Heisman Trophy winner play baseball (and, interestingly enough, he’s in the news again today due to being suspended from his team…..)

20.  Watched and read no news for the day

21.  Tried a Starbucks cool lime refresher (craving one right now!)

22.  Rode a dragon paddle boat that my husband and son paddled and drove

23.  Saw new parts of Baltimore and ate at Dick’s

24.  Attended a doctor’s appointment where eating cake was mandatory and feed my oldest child cake with cow’s milk (yes, you read that correctly….cake at the doctor)

25.  Tried brown sugar and cinnamon ready-to-eat popcorn  (eek….much too sweet!)

26.  No Facebook for the day

27.  Registered for and tried out Lumosity

28.  Created units to review for end of year testing which allows kids to choose topics based on their interests (so far, so good)

29.  Created new jewelry displays

30.  Ate at Cheddar’s  (so delicious!)



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