Yum Yum! – Day 120

It’s a bit of a tradition in our home to go out to eat on the evening of pay day.  Since my husband and I are both public school teachers, we get paid once per month — the last day of the month.  (Thus, one of the reasons for the jewelry business.)  Being that today was the last day of April, it was a happy day for us worthy of dining out.

We have a number of restaurants that we usually frequent on these occasions.  But tonight we decided to try someplace new.  A while back a Cheddar’s opened nearby.  We had often wondered about it as we had never heard of it before its construction.  I’ve had a number of friends who have tried it with some mixed results.  Tonight, we decided to give it a try.

When we first walked in, the boys were impressed by the gigantic ceiling fans and the aquarium in the wall.  The waitress was happy to take our requests regarding food allergies.  There was quite a variety of food and we were pleased with the affordable prices as we reviewed the menu.  So far, so good.  When our food came, Rick’s baked potato was incorrect.  It came to the table loaded despite Rick requested and then emphasized his desire for butter only.  Additionally, we had to request silverware after our food came to the table since someone somewhere forgot to give us ours.  (Not sure if it was the duty of the hostess or waitress.)  Finally, our bread came considerably after our meal.  With all of the said, the food — when we did eat it — was delicious.  It was perfectly cooked and the portions were generous without being gluttonous.  I had chicken pot pie.  Rick and E got a steak and ribs combo.  Our sides included broccoli cheddar casserole, onion straws, fries, baked potato, and apple yogurt salad.  It was all yummy!


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