Pick a Topic, Any Topic – Day 118


It’s that time of year again.  Time to sprint toward the end-of-the-school-year finish line which is marked by standardized testing.  I’m always trying to find someway to review the standards we’ve worked on all year without killing my students from boredom.  This year I’m putting together something new.

After getting the idea from the NCMLE conference, I am having students choose topics they prefer.  These include 2 science-based:  video games and tobacco/smoking and 2 history-based: the Titanic disaster and the Freedom Riders.  After choosing their topic based on their interests, students will be able to read texts both informational and literary, browse graphics, and view videos about the topic.  They will have assignments for these texts that will require them to practice analyzing, evaluating, summarizing, and on and on and on to review the skills we’ve covered this year.  

I’ve enjoyed gathering materials for this.  I’ve put Pinterest to good use as I’ve collected materials about the topics.  That way they will be available next year and I didn’t have to kill a tree for it.  However, it is a lot of work.  Preparing to cover all the standards for informational, literature, and listening is quite the daunting task.  

Hopefully it will be all worth it because students will get a choice in their topics and variety in their tasks.  Theory is one thing.  Putting it into practice is another.  Wish me luck as my students begin work on it tomorrow.  

Today’s first:  Thematic units for EOG end of year review.


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