Exercise for My Brain – Day 117

Today I visited a website that boasts it can boost your brainpower….Lumosity.  I’ve seen it advertised online, but decided to go ahead and create that free account to make me smarter….or to at least remember where I left my keys most days. 

The television commercials advertise that the website can create a personalized program for each user to help develop and increase brain power including memory, attention skills, and problem solving.  It states the program is filled with “game” like exercises so it is fun as well as useful.  The website says users need to log in and follow the program three to five days per week to maximize benefits.

After the obligatory creating a user name and password as well as other basics, I completed a number of exercises to get a baseline of my speed, memory, and attention.  I also outlined my goals in using the program.  After providing the baseline, the website created my program and encouraged me to use the program regularly in order to improve my brain’s performance.  

The baseline activities did seem to be game-like.  The short time I used it, it did not feel monotonous.  Not sure if that thought may change after a few days, but initially all seemed fun.  

My recommendation?  Give it a try and see what you think.  I’m not sure if it delivers all it promises in the commercials or how long it would take to see real results, but it certainly can’t hurt.  Unlike exercising your body.


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