Popcorn That’s Sweet? – Day 115


Today we traveled home from Baltimore.  Shuttle to the airport, airplane to next airport, car to home.  Ugh…after the week we’ve had, we all felt drained.  I knew having a first today was going to be challenging as I was spending most of the day traveling and I would be tired.  On our car ride home we stopped at a convenience store/gas station.  I knew this may be my only chance so I scanned the snack aisle.  There it was Orville Redenbacher’s brown sugar cinnamon ready-to-eat popcorn.  Today’s first: check.

I opened up the bag anticipating a sort of kettle corn experience of salty and sweet.  Not so much.  Nothing salty — completely sweet.  The first few bites were tasty, but then it became …. well…. too sweet.  Plus, it’s messy.  The brown sugar cinnamon mix is more or less sprayed on the popcorn after it is popped so the powder comes off on your fingers.  

Calling it brown sugar cinnamon popcorn is sort of misleading.  It really should just be called brown sugar popcorn.  I couldn’t pick up on the cinnamon much.  If it is cinnamon, it is more like cinnamon sugar.  Have I adequately expressed, this stuff is really sweet?   Don’t get me wrong….I gathered all my will and in the spirit of my adventurous blog of firsts, I finished that bag, but it was super sweet.

And I’m not really a fan of ready-to-eat popcorn.  It always tastes stale in comparison to freshly popped on the stove at home.  But, hey, I took one for the team for the sake of this blog.  Quite the sacrifice.


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