Today Puckered Up and Sucked – Day 113

Geez….I hate cliches.  However, I can’t get one out of my mind today.  “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  Perhaps that’s because today was a lemon kind of day.  In fact, it sucked…puckered up and sucked.

I am trying so hard in this year to make it my best, most exciting, fun year ever with all of these firsts, but sometimes life just happens.  No matter how much one tries to keep a positive attitude, sometimes bad news happens.  Yesterday, Rick and E had cardiology visits and scans.  The initial report was good…in fact, great.  But today we get a call from the nurse practitioner with more information about the report from my husband’s CT scan.  Uh oh, that can’t be good.  No news is good news…more information, not so much.

Apparently, the CT scan revealed two blood clots in his lungs — one small one in each lung, to be specific.  Wish I could say that was a first, but it’s not.  We’ve gotten a call like this once before.  Now we hear words like predisposition, underlying causes, coumadin, lovanox, anticoagulant, pulmonologist….not fun.

That’s why I found it even more important to focus on a first or as many firsts as I could fit in.  Somehow firsts add enjoyment to my life and almost always injects a lightheartedness into my mood.  I thought the whole family could use that after today.

We went to Fort McHenry.  This is a national monument and park where Francis Scott Key wrote The Star Spangled Banner.  Very cool.  As many times as we’ve been to Baltimore, we’ve never visited.  Today we didn’t exactly visit — we more or less drove through.  But it counts.  Never seen it before.   On our way there, we also saw Federal Hill, Fells Point, the manufacturing area for Domino Sugar, the headquarters for Under Armour, and the condos that both Michael Phelps and Tom Clancy lived in at one time.  All new, new, new, new, new sights.  (Our driver was a former tour guide in Baltimore so we got a rather scenic tour with all kinds of info.)

Then we went to the Inner Harbor.  I know.  it’s a tourist trap, but it’s beautiful and safe and has things to do.  Plus, it’s easy to get to.  It’s where we always end up when we’re in Baltimore.  We walked over to Dick’s for dinner.  Again, I know it’s a tourist trap, but we’ve never been before.  It is known for having servers that are sarcastic, irreverent, rude….totally what we needed.

I ordered crappy balls off the menu.  They are kind of like balls of deviled crab breaded and deep fried.  They were good…not the most exceptional thing in the world, but edible for sure.  The waitress asked us if we had been to a Dick’s before.  When we said no, she explained that she gets to be sarcastic and we have to pay her for it.  That’s pretty much the truth.

When we asked about E’s food allergies, the manager came out with a microphone, told the restaurant he had milk allergies, and then proceeded to read the ingredients in his order to confirm he was okay with them.  They had all of us wear hats that poked fun at us. 10154191_10203165306321186_6861633153791337320_n (Yes, my hat says “cougarlicious”  No, I am not older than my husband — not by a long shot.)

Then at the table next to us, the waiter held a stack of napkins in his hand and then turned on something that looked like a cross between a hairdryer and a leaf blower.  All the napkins blew onto the group.  We laughed and laughed.  Then the employee came around and blew us away with the dryer/blower.  It knocked off our paper hats.

There were a number of reasons why this restaurant was totally inappropriate.  However, it added exactly the kind of levity we needed tonight.  Today’s first:  seeing Fort McHenry, crabby balls, and Dicks.


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