The Heisman Trophy: That’s a Big Deal, Right? — Day 109

Tonight Wake Forest played Florida State in baseball.  If you recall from my previous posts, my older son, E, has been welcomed onto WFU’s baseball team.  Therefore, we were at the game tonight.

It was so close.  There were extra innings played — several of them, in fact.  Three up, three down with no runs again and again…until the 13th inning.  Florida State scored and won.  Boo.  Hiss.  Sorry, I shall try to regain my objective journalistic persona.  Anyway… with so many innings there were several pitching changes.  One of these came with much fanfare and hoopla.  

Jameis Winston is a relief pitcher for the Seminoles.  He was put into play during the extra innings.  What’s so special about Winston…..that’s what I would be asking myself if I were you reading this.  He won the Heisman Trophy in December.  Therefore, he is one of those rare collegiate athletes that play two sports — and play them well.  The Heisman is the highest honor in college football. It’s kind of a big deal as I understand it.  And here I was watching him pitch in the game without a television screen and hundreds of miles between us.  

I don’t get starstruck easily….perhaps that’s because I haven’t met too many stars to become struck over.  I wasn’t tripping over myself to meet or even see this college kid.  That’s not to say winning the Heisman isn’t a big deal, because I know it is.  However, he is just a college student in my mind.  No more special than all those wonderful WF players that have treated E like a king. But many others were dying to meet him, E included.  

I watched him pitch.  After the game, E met and talked with him for a little while.  He signed E’s baseball.  I was impressed by how kind and encouraging he was to E….in fact, I was more impressed with that than him winning the Heisman.

Tonight’s first:  seeing a Heisman Trophy winner live and right in front of me.  Check.



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