We’re a Team – Day 105

My husband and I teach in the same school.  He teaches 7th grade while I teach 8th.  We both teach language arts.  Several times in our career we’ve had students who were in his class and then the next year in mine.  As different as our personalities are, it comes as no surprise to many that we teach quite differently.

Today, we both experienced a first – team teaching.  I found an amazing idea to try with my students online.  You can find it here: hidden poems.  In a nutshell, students take a random page from a book, isolate words on the page that when pieced together would make a poem, draw an object, and color in the page with an intricate design so that the only thing one notices on the page becomes the image and the words isolated.

Once I found it, I tried it with my classes with much success.  Many students enjoyed the activity and did a great job.  I have them outside my classroom on display.  Since it was successful, I shared the idea with my language arts colleagues at school.  Rick, my husband, wanted to give it a try today.  Most of my students are on a field trip to Washington DC so he brought his students down to my classroom.  He covered the introduction to the activity.  I shared the examples.  We then both monitored and assisted students as the worked independently. His students did a great job with the assignment.  We were both pleased with their creativity, attention to detail, and evaluation of words in their choices.

Teaching together was a first. As different as we are, it appears are strengths and weaknesses complimented each other to help us teach today.


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