Day 103 – It’s All Greek to Me

I need to put together a cookbook of all the delicious foods I get to eat at my jewelry shows and events.  Sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it’s elaborate, but it is always tasty.  How lucky am I to get to play with jewelry, eat other people’s food, and make money in my spare time?

Today I had a jewelry show with a really great spread of food for guests.  Delicious homemade salsa, shredded chicken nachos with various toppings, cookies, and a delicious Greek dish called spanakopita.  When the hostess told me the dish’s name, my heart fluttered a little.  I’ve had spanakopita a few times in a local restaurant and it was to die for.  Flaky pastry, tomato sauce, spinach, cheese….yummy.  However, this version was a little different.

These were appetizers rather than a main dish.  They were made of filo dough and filled with spinach and cheese….I’m guessing feta.  The cheese was just enough to hold the filling together and keep the spinach from overpowering.  The pastry was light and flaky.  No sauce to make it feel like a dish striving to be Italian.  Simple and oh so yummy!  I’m definitely going to have to scour the internet for a way to recreate this.  

I loved the main course spanakopita I ate, but this appetizer was perfection.  


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